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Baby Sims' Gender Neutral Nursery

Took photos of something close to home today - our baby nursery! Yes, I know.. Baby won't even sleep in there for a while, I still have 4 weeks left, it's not practical to have (insert blank), you won't need that until they are 6 months old...blah blah blah... I've heard it all. I think, especially with the first baby, there is so much in the unknown and that feels out of your control - your emotions are all over the place, your body is doing some wild things and you are awaiting this inevitable life altering experience that everyone says is so wonderful, but you know nothing about. in my mind, getting the nursery all ready and organized is basically the only thing we can control. Makes total sense to me why Moms to be feel the need to get the nursery done so soon when everything else around them is moving along without any mercy or explanation. no amount of googling makes you feel normal or less isolated so if searching for hours for the perfect crochet plant hanger for that unnecessary live plant you've decided you must have, search on momma. to be honest, getting the nursery together is really the only thing that makes total sense to me right now. It's taken 9 months and I have made it this far without being a ball of emotions, but wow I have gotten on the roller coaster of emotion so I am holding on tight until baby is here. I have never in my life wanted something so badly to end and not end at the same time. People ask me, " Are you SO excited!?"... Well, yes, of course I am. But, it's not the excited I am before a vacation when I know there is a lounge chair and a margarita in my future... It is so odd to be SO excited over something that I know absolutely nothing about. Truthfully, I've wondered if I could wrap my head around the whole thing more and if it would feel more "real" if I knew the gender? But the other part of me thinks that not knowing the gender and that element of surprise is what is getting me through these last few weeks? Will we find out the next time around? Honestly, I am not sure. Will there even be a next time around? I hope, but let me not ruin or be ruined by this first attempt. Having gone the surprise gender route this time, I can only say one thing for sure, I have learned what a personal choice (on top of so many others) that is to make so. Anyway...Its all overwhelming, but it in the best way possible and here is a sneak peek into the only thing I can control these days ;-) --> our little one's room! A true "labor" of love, before the real deal..

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